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Just what is it, how does it work, where is it available
and how much does the service cost?

  • What is a repeater Telephone Interconnect? Click here to go to Zetron for more product information.

In order for our repeaters to have telephone interconnect, we install a radio-to-telephone interconnect device called a Model 48 Interconnect made by Zetron, Inc. The Model 48 Interconnect interfaces between the community repeater and the local public telephone system to provide what is called "interconnect calls.' What this does is two fold, first being, it allows authorized mobile radio units access to the public telephone system via a DTMF microphone. Secondly, telephone users access to dispatch functions to reach employees with mobile radios via their office or home touch-tone telephone.

  • How does it work?

    Customers have their own unique user code. This code defines the customer's calling privileges, such as simplex, half-duplex or full-duplex users, authorized users, call types, and other unique parameters assigned to the user. The user code is also used to keep records of call statistics. These call statistics are used for billing the services and call privileges provided to each customer.

Mobile Interconnect Calls:
Customers can only have access to this service if they have an ACTIVE USER CODE on the Model 48 Interconnect unit. Once active, they can have access to the system by using their own user code  followed by the telephone number that they wish to dial. (Interconnect users may be local-calls, local and long distance calls, or PBX restricted calls dependant upon the site interconnect setup). The Model 48 Interconnect unit will connect to the public telephone system and then dial the telephone number that was entered by the mobile radio. An added benefit to this service is that not only does the call go to the telephone service, but it is also heard by all members of the customers group. Group members can get in on the call by just simply keying their microphone.

EXAMPLE: Field to Office Interconnect

An employee is in the service field and he needs assistance. The nearest telephone is 10 miles down the road.You have telephone interconnect active on your group. What options do you have?

The employee picks up their DTMF microphone, punches in an access code to the Model 48 interconnect unit, and the number they want to dial. The Model 48 Interconnect accesses the public telephone system and dials the office telephone number. The "ring" will be heard by all members of the customers group. The call could be answered by the office secretary, but it could also be interrupted by any other user in the group. Assistance is provided without the search for the nearest telephone.

Telephone System Interconnect Calls:
A person will dial the telephone number to the Model 48 Interconnect unit. The unit will answer with a double beep alert. The telephone system user will then enter the user code for that customers system. The mobile radios in the customers group are alerted to the call by a "ring-out" tone. The caller can then use the repeater to dispatch to an individual or access the group members.

EXAMPLE: Office to Field Interconnect

You are an Office Manager when a need arises to reach your group members. An emergency has arisen at a specific location and all personnel are to report immediately. Only problem is that the group members are spread over a 100 mile radius of your office. What would be the most time efficient way to reach all these group members?

You can pick-up your telephone, dial the telephone number for the Model 48 Interconnect, keypunch your user code, and dispatch to your people in the field.

  • Where telephone interconnect services are available and how much does it cost?

    At the moment, Repeaters offers telephone interconnect services from six community repeater locations. They are located near Ravenswood (Jackson county), Parkersburg (Wood county), Craigsville (Nicholas county), Clarksburg (Harrison county), Edens Fork (Kanawha county), Coopers Rock (Monongalia/Preston county lines), Wallback (Clay county) and Flat Top (Mercer/Summers county lines) in West Virginia.

    Customers pay a telephone interconnect activation fee when a request-for-service is initiated to our office. At this time, they are assigned a User Code and activation on the site(s) is scheduled. Interconnect service bills are mailed monthly. It will include billing for call statistics only on telephone services that are used by the customer.

    Prices vary dependant upon the locations and services provided. If you are interested in telephone interconnect services, please call our customer service department at 1-800-788-3867 or email us for further information.

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